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The “good” English language learner

Iain MTEFL Contributor
The good English language learner
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As someone who has been involved in the field of English language learning for many years, I have had the opportunity to work with a wide range of students from all over the world. Some students have excelled in their studies, while others have struggled to keep up. However, there is one type of student that stands out above the rest – the “good” English language learner.

So, what makes a good English language learner? First and foremost, they are motivated and committed to their studies. They understand the value of learning English and are willing to put in the time and effort required to improve their skills. They may have specific goals in mind, such as being able to communicate with native speakers in a professional setting or passing an English exam. Whatever their motivation, they are driven to succeed and are not easily discouraged.

Good English language learners are also proactive in their studies. They take advantage of every opportunity to practice their skills, whether it be through conversation groups, reading materials, or watching English language movies and TV shows. They also seek out additional resources, such as grammar books or language exchange programs, to help them improve.

Another key trait of a good English language learner is their ability to stay focused and organized. They understand that learning a language is a long-term process and are willing to put in the time and effort required. They set realistic goals for themselves and work towards achieving them consistently. They also keep track of their progress and seek feedback from their teachers and peers to see where they need to improve.

Good English language learners also have a positive attitude and are open to feedback. They are not afraid to make mistakes and see them as learning opportunities rather than failures. They are willing to listen to corrections and take constructive criticism to heart. They are also open to trying new things and are not afraid to take risks in their language learning journey.

Perhaps most importantly, good English language learners have a love of learning and a desire to constantly improve. They are curious about the language and culture and are not satisfied with just getting by. They are always looking for ways to expand their knowledge and skills, and are eager to learn more about the English language and its many nuances.

It is clear that the good English language learner is an invaluable asset to your English language learning program. They are motivated, proactive, focused, and positive, and have a love of learning that drives them to succeed. Help your English language learners strive to embody these traits and they will surely see progress towards their language learning goals.

Iain MTEFL Contributor
Iain has over ten years of experience as an ESL/EFL instructor, teaching students of all ages. He has operated and managed an English language school and is now dedicated to creating teaching material.

Disclaimer  We aim to provide useful ESL and EFL teaching resources and educational ideas. Our articles are written by educators with extension TEFL experience. They contain only general information about teaching English as a foreign language and are meant purely for informational purposes.

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