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Listening, Reading, Vocabulary
Researchers assessed how effective caffeine was in counteracting the negative effects of sleep deprivation on cognition.  As it turns out, caffeine can only get you so far.

Prepositions of Location

3 pages
90 mins
ESL Lesson Handouts - Prepositions-of-Location
Daily Life
Students learn prepositions of location: in, on, in front of, behind, next to, and above and practice explaining where furniture in their living room is located.

Let’s Go to the Park

A2 A2+
2 pages
90 mins
ESL Lesson Handouts - Lets-Go-to-to-the-Park
People and Places
Asking questions, Conversation, Vocabulary
Talking about parks and outdoor leisure activities. Example Questions in this Handout What was your favorite thing to do in the park when you were a child? Have parks changed since you were young? How? Is there a famous park in your city or country? Do dogs need to be…
Daily LifeTravel
Grammar, Vocabulary
Students learn new vocabulary and collocations for free-time activities with special focus on will and be going to and how they are used for plans and decisions made in the moment. Students will also be able to use ‘will’ or ‘be going to’ for predictions with or without evidence.
Listening, Reading, Vocabulary
Students will be able to read and tell the time in both the 12-hour and 24-hour formats. Vocabulary related to timetables, schedules, and travel itineraries is reviewed.

‘Sky Pool’ Opens over London Streets

A2+ to C1
< 3 pages
90 - 120 mins
ESL Lesson Handouts - Sky-Pool-Opens-over-London-Streets
Listening, Reading, Vocabulary
Are you afraid of heights?  Embassy Gardens, a London development, has opened what is being called the world’s first Sky Pool.  The completely transparent swimming pool has been built between the roofs of two adjacent buildings, making swimmers appear as if they are floating in the air.
People and PlacesTravel
Asking questions, Grammar, Vocabulary
Students review adjectives to describe holidays and practice asking questions with the auxiliary verb ‘do.’ Do questions are usually answered with ‘Yes, I do’ or ‘No, I don’t.’ Sometimes the question asks about a choice. Students will be able to construct, ask, and answer the different ‘do’ question patterns to…

Tastes and Textures of Food

A1 A2
2 pages
60 mins
ESL Lesson Handouts - Tastes-and-Textures-of-Food
Food and Restaurants
Conversation, Vocabulary
Students build their vocabulary by learning how to describe food taste and texture using adjectives as well talking about their food likes and dislikes and the reasons why. Students complete a matching activity as well as building sentences to describe foods and finish with conversation practice. Adjectives introduced in this…

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