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Listening, Reading, Vocabulary
Researchers assessed how effective caffeine was in counteracting the negative effects of sleep deprivation on cognition.  As it turns out, caffeine can only get you so far.
Listening, Reading, Vocabulary
Students will be able to read and tell the time in both the 12-hour and 24-hour formats. Vocabulary related to timetables, schedules, and travel itineraries is reviewed.

‘Sky Pool’ Opens over London Streets

A2+ to C1
< 3 pages
90 - 120 mins
ESL Lesson Handouts - Sky-Pool-Opens-over-London-Streets
Listening, Reading, Vocabulary
Are you afraid of heights?  Embassy Gardens, a London development, has opened what is being called the world’s first Sky Pool.  The completely transparent swimming pool has been built between the roofs of two adjacent buildings, making swimmers appear as if they are floating in the air.

Reading Large Numbers

Free Access
A1 A2
2 pages
60 mins
ESL Lesson Handouts - Reading-large-numbers
Asking questions, Reading
Help your students read large numbers correctly. Students will practice the language needed to read large numbers as well as listening to large numbers by asking and answering how high, how far, and how long questions. Large number words used in this Handout hundred, million, billion, trillion.

More People Shop According to Brand Values

A2+ to C1
< 3 pages
90 - 120 mins
ESL Lesson Handouts - More-People-Shop-According-to-Brand-Values
Listening, Reading, Vocabulary
A survey on brand values finds that the majority of Americans now say companies should take a stand on issues, even if they disagree with it.  Researchers wanted to study generational differences in consumer values and how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected brand-related buying.

Booking a Hotel Room

A2 A2+
4 pages
120 mins
ESL Lesson Handouts - Booking-a-Hotel-Room
People and PlacesTravel
Asking questions, Conversation, Reading, Vocabulary
Students learn vocabulary for hotel facilities and amenities and how to ask about them using ‘would like’ and ‘would like to’ forms. Students practice role-playing a conversation between hotel reception and a guest booking a hotel room.

On | At the Weekend

A1 A2
1 page
30 mins
ESL Lesson Handouts - On-at-the-weekend
Daily Life
Grammar, Reading
Students learn and practice using the most frequently used prepositions in a variety of common phrases used in everyday English conversation. Prepositions reviewed in this Handout at, in, on, by, for, to, from, ( x ) no preposition.

Responsibilities at Work

A2 A2+
4 pages
90 mins
ESL Lesson Handout - Responsibilities-at-Work
Grammar, Reading, Vocabulary
Students learn new collocations for jobs and job responsibilities with special focus on transitive verbs.  A role-play activity has students guessing professions based on their partner’s description of its possible responsibilities.

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