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My Best Year. My Worst Year.

B1 B2
2 pages
60 mins
ESL Lesson Handouts - My-best-year-my-worst-year
Grammar, Reading
Students review the Third Conditional to talk about things they regret, things that led them to where they are, and how their lives might have been different. Collocations about lifestyle are used and as students reflect on their past, perhaps when making new year resolutions. Collocations reviewed in this Handout…
Daily Life
Discussion, Grammar, Vocabulary
Your ESL students will practice using adjectives, words that describe the qualities of something. Some adjectives are gradable which means they can collocate with a variety of adverbs in order to signify their level: a bit, a little, fairly, quite, really, very, extremely. Extreme, non-gradable adjectives only collocate with adverbs…
Grammar, Vocabulary
Comparative adjectives can be a challenge for students. In this lesson, students learn about the various comparative adjective patterns. Students also practice pronunciation and stressed syllables and will be confident comparing things.
BusinessClass Essentials
Your students can reference and compare verb tenses and aspects in English. Each verb tense includes example sentences with appropriate time expressions.  Every student should have one handy.

Tatami Mats Made in Japan

B1 B2 C1
3 pages
60 mins
ESL Lesson Handouts - Tatami-mats-made-in-japan
Grammar, Reading
Students review the passive voice and the verb ‘made’ to describe how, where, or when something was manufactured.

Janet is an English Teacher

Free Access
A1 A2
2 pages
60 mins
ESL Lesson Handouts - Janet-is-an-English-teacher
Daily LifeWork
Grammar, Reading
Students are introduced to the definite and indefinite articles a, an, and the. Students will become comfortable using articles and be able to identify when they are missing or used incorrectly.

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