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Japanese firms develop ocean degradable bags

Listening, Reading, Vocabulary
B2, C1
3 Pages
ESL Lesson Handouts - Scientists-strap-a-tiny-camera-to-a-beetle

Scientists strap a tiny camera to a beetle

Listening, Reading, Vocabulary
B2, C1
3 Pages
ESL Lesson Handouts - Changing-an-appointment

Changing an Appointment

Conversation, Vocabulary
2 Pages
ESL Lesson Handouts - English-verb-tense-chart-3
BusinessClass Essentials

English Verb Tense Chart 3

A1, A2, B1
1 Page
ESL Lesson Handouts - Describing-lost-property

Describing Lost Property

Asking questions, Conversation, Grammar, Vocabulary
2 Pages
Free Access
ESL Lesson Handouts - Lets-go-to-the-movies
Daily LifePeople and Places

Let’s Go to the Movies

Asking questions, Conversation, Vocabulary
A2, B1
2 Pages
ESL Lesson Handouts - What-are-they-doing
Daily Life

What are they doing?

A2, A2+
2 Pages
Free Access
ESL Lesson Handouts - Countries-and-nationalities
People and Places

Countries and Nationalities

Asking questions, Game, Grammar, Vocabulary
3 Pages

General Handouts

Encourage your students to practice English with communicative activities such as role plays, discussions, and conversations about topics that are essential for them. Grammar is taught using fun matching and gap fill activities as well as scripted conversations and role plays.

In the News with Audio

Engage and challenge your intermediate and advanced level students with learning based current event topics. ‘In the News’ handouts offer reading, listening, and a variety of English learning activities based on the topic. Activities included are useful for students preparing for international English tests as well as a fun and engaging review for advanced students.

Let’s Go Places

‘Let’s Go Places’ is a series of communicative lesson plans that encourage your ESL students to talk about their experiences and share their opinions about interesting and practical situations. Students explore new vocabulary and build English fluency with engaging and challenging activities. ‘Let’s Go Places’ is included in your Full Access membership.