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Listening, Reading, Vocabulary
Archaeologists have discovered the world’s oldest known industrial-scale brewery.  The brewery was an ancient complex with the capacity to produce enough beer to serve thousands of people in a single batch.  The team of American and Egyptian archaeologists, who discovered the facility while excavating at the site of Abydos in…
Daily Life
Asking questions, Grammar, Reading, Vocabulary
Students are introduced to different common phrases to discuss their daily routines as well as adverbs of frequency to talk about how often and when they do different things. Emphasis is given to forming object questions using auxiliary verb ‘do’. Adverbs of Frequency introduced in this Handout Never, hardly ever,…
Grammar, Reading, Vocabulary
Students review and become more familiar with the past perfect simple and past perfect continuous tenses. A story about a traveler presents vocabulary to describe movement and sound. Students will complete a story in a creative writing activity.

Write about your Experiences

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A2 A2+
2 pages
90 mins
People and PlacesTravel
Asking questions, Reading
Students read about a trip abroad and practice using linking words and, so, but, because, and then to create a narrative. Questions and answers help students write a story about their last trip.
Listening, Reading, Vocabulary
The UK will be the first in the world to run a COVID-19 human challenge study, after receiving approval from the UK’s clinical trials ethics body.  Backed by a £33.6 million government investment, the first-of-its-kind study for this virus is hoped to give researchers greater understanding of how the virus…
Listening, Reading, Vocabulary
A new study shows that on nights before a full moon, people go to bed later and sleep less.  In the study, researchers report that sleep cycles in people oscillate during the 29.5-day lunar cycle.  In the days leading up to a full moon, people go to sleep later in…
Discussion, Grammar, Reading
Students focus on the use of Past Simple and Past Perfect and how to use it to talk about different past actions. Students will also learn about inventions and inventors and create a short presentation using the target language on a great inventor/invention of their choice.
People and PlacesTravel
Conversation, Grammar
Students use the Present Perfect tense to introduce experiences and talk about things they have and haven’t done as well as the Past Simple to add details about the experience. Student will be able to talk about past experience with confidence.

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