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Describing Lost Property

Free Access
2 pages
60 mins
ESL Lesson Handouts - Describing-lost-property
Asking questions, Conversation, Grammar, Vocabulary
Students are introduced to how + adjective questions used to describe things. Made in/by/of are also introduced using the passive voice so students can talk about an object’s maker, country of original, and material. A conversation activity has students asking about and describing lost property.
Daily Life
Help students describe and discuss their hobbies and talk about the things they enjoy doing in their free time. Students learn new vocabulary for hobbies with special focus on intransitive verbs and how they are used.
Discussion, Grammar
Students review the difference between transitive and intransitive verbs and practice identifying them, changing their form, and understanding their use.

On | At the Weekend

A1 A2
1 page
30 mins
ESL Lesson Handouts - On-at-the-weekend
Daily Life
Grammar, Reading
Students learn and practice using the most frequently used prepositions in a variety of common phrases used in everyday English conversation. Prepositions reviewed in this Handout at, in, on, by, for, to, from, ( x ) no preposition.

Responsibilities at Work

A2 A2+
4 pages
90 mins
ESL Lesson Handout - Responsibilities-at-Work
Grammar, Reading, Vocabulary
Students learn new collocations for jobs and job responsibilities with special focus on transitive verbs.  A role-play activity has students guessing professions based on their partner’s description of its possible responsibilities.
Class Essentials
Game, Grammar
This handout has 30 different sentence and question cards that may or may not have a grammatical mistake. Mistakes are related to verb tense, prepositions, phrasal verbs, articles, punctuation, conditionals, comparatives, infinitives, and gerunds. Use as many cards as you like; for an entire lesson or to fill in extra…
Asking questions, Grammar, Reading, Vocabulary
Students practice presenting their company to visitors, new suppliers, or clients. This handout introduces useful business English vocabulary to talk concisely about what a company does and what staff are doing now. Students will build confidence using the present simple and present continuous tenses to talk about their company and…

Used to and Be used to

Free Access
A2+ B1
2 pages
60 mins
Daily Life
Using ‘used to’ and ‘be used to’ can be confusing for students. ‘Used to’ and ‘be used to’ are similar to each other in form, but their meanings are quite different. Students are introduced to or review ‘used to’ and ‘be used to’ to contrast experiences as well as talking…

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