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Listening, Reading, Vocabulary
The UK will be the first in the world to run a COVID-19 human challenge study, after receiving approval from the UK’s clinical trials ethics body.  Backed by…
Listening, Reading, Vocabulary
A new study shows that on nights before a full moon, people go to bed later and sleep less.  In the study, researchers report that sleep cycles in…
Listening, Reading, Vocabulary
According to the World Health Organization, as of January 6th 2021, 235 candidate COVID-19 vaccines have been developed worldwide with 63 of them in clinical trials in countries…
Listening, Reading, Vocabulary
Purdue Pharma, the drug maker blamed for helping to create America’s staggering opioid crisis, agreed to plead guilty to criminal charges as part of an $8 billion settlement…
Listening, Reading, Vocabulary
Archaeologists in Egypt have unearthed at least 100 well-preserved ancient coffins, some containing mummies, and 40 statues in a vast pharaonic necropolis (a cemetery of the time of…
Listening, Reading, Vocabulary
A capsule containing soil samples from an asteroid named Ryugu was dropped from 220,000 kilometers from space by Japan’s Hayabusa2 spacecraft.  It landed as planned in the Australian…
Listening, Reading, Vocabulary
The latest research suggests that the number of young adults who are currently living with their parents is increasing in the USA. The probable cause of this trend…

COVID-19 is Changing the English Language

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ESL Lesson Handouts - COVID-19-is-Changing-the-English-Language
Listening, Reading, Vocabulary
In April of 2020, the editors of the Oxford English Dictionary released updates in order to document the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the English language.  These…