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Jeopardy Game

A2, A2+, B1, B2, C1
5 Pages
ESL Lesson Handouts - Jeopardy-game
Class Essentials
Discussion, Game
This game features a quiz competition in which contestants/students are presented with English language related general knowledge clues or questions from a variety of categories and are awarded…

Three Halloween Activities

A2, A2+
3 Pages
90 mins
ESL Lesson Handouts - Three-halloween-activities
Asking questions, Game, Reading, Vocabulary
Students will learn some common words used at Halloween and practice using them in a variety of fun and interesting activities; a reading activity about the history of…

Countries and Nationalities

A1, A2
3 Pages
90 mins
ESL Lesson Handouts - Countries-and-nationalities
People and Places
Asking questions, Game, Grammar, Vocabulary
Students are introduced to vocabulary to talk about countries and nationalities as well as questions to find out more about someone. The verb ‘to be’ in the simple…
Class Essentials
Asking questions, Game
Are you looking for a quick ESL icebreaker or warm-up activity to try out with your students today? What am I? is a classic party game that is…

Directions and Destinations

A1, A2
4 Pages
90 mins
ESL Lesson Handouts - Directions-and-destinations
People and PlacesTravel
Game, Listening, Vocabulary
This handout is Part 4 of a 4-part Travel Miniseries. 1.  Places Around Town 2.  Places to Live and Visit 3.  Talking about Travel 4.  Directions and Destinations Students are…
Class Essentials
Game, Grammar
This handout has 30 different sentence cards that may have a grammatical mistake. Mistakes are related to verb tense, prepositions, phrasal verbs, articles, punctuation, conditionals, comparatives, infinitives and…
BusinessClass Essentials
Asking questions, Conversation, Discussion, Game
Close the business textbooks and have interesting and relevant discussions. Engaging business-oriented topics and questions allow students to put their vocabulary and grammar skills to practical use and…

The Odd One Out Game 3

B2, C1
1 Page
30 mins
ESL Lesson Handouts - The-odd-one-out-game-3
Discussion, Game, Vocabulary
In the Odd One Out activity students work together to decide and explain why one of four things is the odd one out. Higher level students can be…