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Describing People

What are you wearing?


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ESL Lesson Handouts - What-are-you-wearing


Students compare the simple present tense and present continuous form focusing on the verb ‘to wear’. Expressions of time are introduced and students practice associating them to a particular verb tense. Students will be able to describe what someone is wearing and what they are doing.

Expressions of time introduced in this Handout
now, every day, this week, always, at the moment, once a week, usually, today.

Elementary: A2Pre-Intermediate: A2+
2 student pagesAudioTeaching notes
Teaching time 60 mins
Language functions
Describing people, places, or thingsTalking about daily life
Language forms
AdverbsContinuous formsPresent tense
Gap fillListeningQuestions and answersSentence completionWriting

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