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Talking about your Health


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ESL Lesson Handouts - Talking-about-your-Health


Daily life

Talking about your health with should and shouldn’t. Students will be able to talk about their health and symptoms in the present simple tense. Verb noun collocations relating to health are introduced. Students also practice giving advice using modal verbs should and shouldn’t. This can be used to talk about Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Health symptoms introduced in this Handout
I have a headache. I have a sore head. I have a stomachache. I have a sore stomach. I have a fever. I have a high temperature. I have a cough. I have a sore throat. I have a runny nose.

Beginner: A1Elementary: A2
2 student pagesTeaching notes
Teaching time 60 mins
Language functions Giving advice or recommendations
Language forms
Modal and auxiliary verbsPresent tenseVerb noun collocations
MatchingSentence completion

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