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Spot the Mistakes (Pre-Intermediate)


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ESL Lesson Handouts - Spot-the-Mistakes-Pre-Intermediate


Class essentials

This handout has 30 different sentence and question cards that may or may not have a grammatical mistake. Mistakes are related to verb tense, prepositions, phrasal verbs, articles, punctuation, conditionals, comparatives, infinitives, and gerunds. Use as many cards as you like; for an entire lesson or to fill in extra time at the end of the class.

Examples of mistakes in this Handout
Mistake: I have lived in Canada since 10 months.
Use for + period of time, e.g. for six years, for a week. Use since + point in time, e.g. since April, since 2010.

Mistake: I go always to school by train.
Adverbs of frequency are usually used before regular verbs. They follow ‘be’ verb, e.g. I am always…

Mistake: Do you like a glass of wine?
‘Do you like’ is used to ask if someone generally enjoys something. ‘Would you like’ is used when offering something.

Level Pre-Intermediate: A2+
2 student pagesTeaching notes
Teaching time Any
Language functions Comprehending text
Language forms
AdjectivesAdverbsArticles and quantifiersConditional formsPrepositions
Activities Correct the mistakes

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