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Spot the Mistakes (Elementary)


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ESL Lesson Handouts - Spot-the-Mistakes-Elementary


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This handout has 30 different sentence and question cards that may or may not include a mistake. Mistakes are related to verb tense, prepositions, phrasal verbs, articles, punctuation, conditionals, comparatives, infinitives, and gerunds. Use as many cards as you like; for an entire lesson or short time filler.

Examples of mistakes in this Handout
Mistake: Traveling by train is more cheaper than traveling by plane.
The comparative form of the adjective cheap is cheaper.

Mistake: We usually drive to home.
Most verbs expressing direction require a preposition such as ‘to’ before the noun, but not when the noun is ‘home’.

Mistake: I bought a scarf yesterday. A scarf is red.
After an object is introduced it is subsequently referred to as ‘the object’.

Level Elementary: A2
2 student pagesTeaching notes
Teaching time Any
Language functions Comprehending text
Language forms
AdjectivesAdverbsArticles and quantifiersConditional formsContinuous formsFuture formsIdioms and phrasal verbsModal and auxiliary verbsPassive voicePast formsPerfect formsPrepositionsPresent tense
Activities Correct the mistakes

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