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ESL Lesson Handouts - Making-Resolutions



Expressing wishes and desires with ‘want to’ and ‘would like to’. Students are introduced to common New Year’s resolution collocations and practice talking about things they ‘want to’ or ‘would like to’ do. Sentence construction and examples demonstrate how to express a wish or desire for the future. Students also read about and discuss New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day plans.

Collocations introduced in this Handout
do a course, go on holiday, save money, lose weight, quit smoking, eat/drink more/less, see a doctor, buy a house, join a gym, go on a diet, give up junk food, start a new hobby, make new friends, spend time with friends.

Elementary: A2Pre-Intermediate: A2+
3 student pagesTeaching notes
Teaching time 90 mins
Language functions
Expressing needs or likesTalking about the future
Language forms
Future formsVerb noun collocations
ConversationGap fillQuestions and answersReading

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