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Idioms about Animals


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English idioms are often based on analogies and metaphors and are an important part of everyday English. Students can find them difficult to understand even in context. In this lesson, students are introduced to some interesting idioms about animals, their meanings, and usage in a variety of matching and gap fill activities.

Idioms introduced in this Handout
fishy, kitty corner, nest egg, pig out, chicken out, hold your horses, cat got your tongue, a little bird told me, straight from the horse’s mouth, take the bull by the horns, kill two birds with one stone, a fish out of water, as sick as a dog.

Pre-Intermediate: A2+Intermediate: B1
2 student pagesTeaching notes
Teaching time 60 mins
Language functions
Comprehending textDescribing people, places, or things
Language forms Idioms and phrasal verbs
ConversationDiscussionGap fillMatching

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