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Extreme, Non-Gradable Adjectives


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Students will practice using adjectives, words that describe the qualities of something. Some adjectives are gradable which means they can collocate with a variety of adverbs in order to signify their level: a bit, a little, fairly, quite, really, very, extremely. Extreme, non-gradable adjectives only collocate with adverbs which have a complete meaning as the adjective is at the ‘maximum’ level. Modifying non-gradable adjectives can difficult to understand, but show an advanced level of language once mastered. Encourage your students to incorporate them into their speaking and written discourse.

Extreme, non-gradable adjectives introduced in this Handout
filthy, starving, packed, awful, hideous, exhausted, enormous, tiny, glamorous, grotesque, spotless, deafening, thundering, colossal, terrified, ancient, freezing, boiling.

Level Intermediate: B1
2 student pagesTeaching notes
Teaching time 60 mins
Language functions
Comparing and contrastingDescribing people, places, or things
Language forms
Correct the mistakesDiscussionGap fillMatchingRewriting

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