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ESL Lesson Handouts - Describing-people


People and places

Students practice describing people using adjectives to describe for character, personality, and appearance. In American English is it usual to use the structure “He/She has (long hair)”, however in British English the most common structure is “He/She has got (long hair)” which is usually contracted to “He/She’s got (long hair)”. This handout uses American English.

Adjectives introduced in this Handout
selfish, forgetful, helpful, talkative, serious, honest, hard-working, friendly, stingy, easy-going, determined, shy, confident, reliable, stubborn.

Elementary: A2Pre-Intermediate: A2+
2 student pagesTeaching notes
Teaching time 60 mins
Language functions Describing people, places, or things
Language forms Adjectives
Gap fillMatchingQuestions and answersSentence completionWriting

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