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ESL Lesson Handouts - Causative-verbs-and-diy


Daily lifeWork

Students review causative verbs: have, get, let, and make. DIY verb noun collocations and idiomatic phrases are reviewed. Students will be able to talk about things they can and can’t do, get others to do, have done by professionals, let others do, and how things make them feel.

DIY collocations introduced in this Handout
Fix a leak, service a car, change a lock, replace a light bulb, decorate a room, put up some shelves, put in an alarm system, check car oil.

Intermediate: B1Upper-Intermediate: B2
3 student pagesTeaching notes
Teaching time 90 mins
Language functions Explaining
Language forms
Idioms and phrasal verbsPassive voiceVerb noun collocations
DiscussionGap fillMatchingSentence completion

Follow-up lessons

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