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Current Events

‘In the News’ topics are trending now and your adult and young adult ESL students want to learn how to talk about them.

In the News includes Audio.


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Your students want to learn about different cultures, travel, business, and discuss real issues affecting them now.

Encourage your students to build English fluency with communicative activities such as role-plays, discussions, and conversations about topics that are essential for them.

ESL Lesson Handouts

In the News

Our Current Events series covers news from around the world and includes audio.

These topics are trending now and your adult and young adult ESL students want to learn how to talk about them. Each ‘In the News’ Handout has 2 or 3 pages of lesson material aimed at Elementary: A2 to Advanced: C2 English learners. Each ‘In the News’ current events Handout features an audio track so your students can practice listening to native English speakers.

ESL Lesson Handouts

Let’s Go Places

Help your students explore new vocabulary and build English fluency by guiding them through a series of activities that challenge and engage them.

Sit back and watch your students using English with enthusiasm. This English series uses original high-quality color pictures that look great and your students will appreciate that, but don’t worry, they look great in black and white as well! Have one of these on hand and we’ve got you covered.

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